Terms & Conditions

Prime Respect

Prime is different from other hostels, because we want it to feel like a home. So at Prime we do not have rules, but we do have respect – for the house, for each other and for our neighbours.
If you show disrespect, you may be asked to leave.
Be nice : )

Respect people’s right to sleep

  • Do not use the smoking area or play music in the basement after midnight. A small noise in the smoking area becomes a big noise in the bedrooms above.
  • Only registered guests in the house after 10pm – do not bring back new ‘friends’ who you’ve just met in a club. Both they and you will be asked to leave.
  • If you get back in the early hours – GO TO BED, but do so quietly so that you do not disturb others. Likewise if you need to leave very early in the morning plan your departure so you do not disturb your room mates.
  • When leaving or returning to the house, do so QUIETLY.
  • No more than 1 in a bed in shared rooms – really, no-one wants to hear your declarations of love or similar.
  • Use your bed, and only your bed, do not spread out onto other people’s beds or sleep on the sofas. If you do we might charge you for 2 beds instead of 1.

Respect people’s right to stay in a clean place

  • If you cook, wash up your stuff and clean the kitchen.
  • Please eat in the dining room. Do not eat or drink in the dorms – this attracts rodents, and we have enough people in the house already.
  • Any food or drink found in any bedrooms will be removed and distributed for everyone in the hostel to enjoy.
  • Label your food and only eat your stuff. Throw stuff away when it is out of date and before it develops into another life form. If you don’t, we will.
  • Keep your stuff tidy. If you leave things lying around the house, we will put them in the lost and found. This will be sent to the charity shop each week.
  • If you have really smelly shoes or feet, please do something about it.

Respect the house and stay safe

  • Do not leave the front door open, nor let in anyone who you do not know. Do not let strangers in to steal your things or ours. Keep your things safe.
  • Do not hang out of the windows, climb on any roofs, or do anything else stupid and life threatening.
  • Familiar yourself with the fire safety advice. If you hear an alarm, take action.
  • If you break anything, clear it up, but let us know.
  • No smoking anywhere except the smoking area. No illegal drugs anywhere on the premises. The premises includes the front door step and parking area.

 The legal bit….

Booking Terms

These booking terms (‘Booking Terms’) are between the accommodation  (referred to as ‘We’/’Us’/’Our’) named under the ‘Reservation Confirmed with’ section of the Booking confirmation (‘Booking Confirmation’) and the person or legal entity making the Booking (‘You/Your’). These Booking Terms are for the provision of accommodation services (‘Booking(s)’) by Us to You. These Booking Terms are governed by English law and apply to all Bookings. By making a Booking You are deemed to accept and be bound by these Booking Terms.


Bookings are made and a contract between You and Us comes into effect when We accept a reservation from You. We will accept a reservation when We have confirmed Your reservation and received either: (i) full payment of the total price; or (ii)  any other amount We have specified at the time of Your booking. Where a deposit or any other amount that is less than the total value of the stay is paid, the balance will be paid by You directly to Us, on check-in  or at an earlier date if so requested by direct communication between You and Us or as per the terms of any third parties through which the booking is made.


You must be able to enter into a legally binding contract and be over 18 years of age to make a Booking. Bookings must be paid for using a valid credit or debit card or via PayPal or any other payment type specified. When Your Booking is confirmed, a reservation number is given on the ‘Booking Confirmation’ which will be emailed to the address you provide. This number must be retained for access to Your Booking details if cancellation or amendment is necessary. You may need to quote this reservation number when contacting Us.


If you made a Booking via an On-line Travel Agent (‘OTA’) different terms may apply. Whilst Your contractual relationship is via a third party, by making the Booking you agree to our applicable terms and conditions.


All prices include VAT where applicable at the current rate. On the rare occasion an error in pricing occurs and We do not accept Your reservation, even after We have issued a Booking Confirmation, We will notify You as soon as We reasonably can and refund the amount paid in full without any liability for the error or omission. You agree that We will be the sole arbiter of any pricing discrepancy and We will provide written evidence of any obvious pricing errors to You in support of Our decision. You agree that We will not be liable for any additional expenses You may incur as a result of the error or omission.


Prices are per bed or room per night. Prices quoted are correct (unless a pricing error occurs) only for the specific number of guests, dates, nights and rooms shown.  Additional costs will be applied to the credit card used to reserve the room should additional guests use the facilities, or if You stay in the accommodation (unless given explicit permission to do) after check-out time.


Please note our ‘Prime family rate’ is not applicable for group bookings. In the instance that a group does use this, we reserve the right to adjust the price or cancel the booking.



In the rare case that We are unable to accommodate You as per Your Booking, You will be offered alternate accommodation by Us and if there is a difference in the Price, You will be liable for the price differential. If the differential is less than the original value of Your Booking and a Payment has already been made, a refund of the difference will be made to You.

Arrival and Departure 

Check-in times are specified on Your Booking Confirmation. Should You wish to check-in outside of the times specified You must confirm this directly with Us. In the event that You attempt to check-in outside of the stated times without prior arrangement, We may cancel the booking and retain any amounts We are entitled to retain as stated in the Cancellation Policy section of Your Booking Confirmation. The check-out time is also specified on Your Booking Confirmation.

Cancellations and Amendments 

Subject to your Booking terms allowing for Your Booking to be cancelled, if You cancel Your Booking before the cancellation deadline of 48hours before check-in time on your specified arrival date, in the Cancellation Policy section of Your Booking Confirmation (the ‘Cancellation Deadline’) .


If You cancel Your Booking after the Cancellation Deadline You will be charged the full value of Your booking.


The total amount payable to confirm Your Booking is quoted on Your Booking Confirmation (and will be charged to Your credit or debit card or PayPal account or any other payment type offered at the time of Booking. Your card statement will display Us (or Our parent company or Our trading name if different) as the merchant of record.


Other than for death or personal injury caused by Our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation, Our total liability to You is limited to the price of the Booking and in no circumstances will We be responsible to You for any indirect or special damages.


We will not be liable for failure to provide the Services to the extent that the failure is caused by any factor beyond Our reasonable control.You are responsible for any damage or loss caused to Us, including any damage to Our property by Your act, omission, default or neglect and You agree to indemnify Us and You agree to pay Us on demand the amount reasonably required to make good or remedy any such damage or loss.


Further, we reserve the right to terminate Your Booking immediately without being liable for any refund or compensation where You engage in unacceptable behaviour that causes a disturbance or nuisance to Our other guests.

Data Protection

We will process the information You provide to Us in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation. Your personal data may be transferred to Digital Arbitrage, Including where necessary its subsidiaries outside of the EU. By making a Booking, You consent to this processing of information as described above and the transfer of Your information to Digital Arbitrage, Inc.

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